Hi! This is your Aloe Vera calling…

Imagine waking up one morning at a distant hotel and receiving a call from…..your houseplant back home!

If you watched “Good Morning America” a popular TV show telecast every morning in the US, or if you were an ardent technology enthusiast who regularly keeps track of trends and technologies, you would know that the above scenario is not far-fetched. It’s a reality today. All thanks to the new advances in technologies.

Botanicalls, for example, is an ongoing technological project that allows your plants at home to call you by phone or even email. A bunch of excellent brains, some wired sensors and hardware, a couple of protocols, and some nifty PHP scripts and a lot of hard work is what it took for the Botanicalls team to convert the idea into reality. Taking care of indoor (or even garden) plants will no longer pose a problem. When plants need water, sun, fertilizer or simply want to say Thank You to you for being a caring owner, all they need to do is place a call.


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